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21 days trip to Iran for a group of Americans. The best agency in Iran for American to get visa and tour


We are a group of friends planning a 21 days trip to Iran which is supposed to occur late March or Early April 2010. Now the questions that I have are: 1. Two of us are US citizens; I want to know is there any way to get their visa without taking part in a guided tour. The others are form Europe and don’t like group tours. So how should we solve this problem? 2. Visa is another issue, how much securing the reference for those two is safe? Can Iranian companies guaranty it or it is better to apply through embassies? Which company you suggest? 3. If finally there is no way unless taking a tour is there any cheap company offering cheap tours to comply with the low budget of others.


The American travelers to Iran have to contact an Iran-based travel agent and take part in a guided tour. The same company will apply for their visa, hire the tour guide and book the hotels. Securing visa reference number for the Americans takes about 30-45 days. After it, the visa can be collected in two working days by direct referral or in one working week by posting the documents to an Iran embassy. is a pioneer expert agency in securing visa number and offering the cheapest tours for the American. These tours are available at: Iran tours.


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